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Choosing the Perfect Battery for Deep Cycle Duty

Whether for powering a television in an RV or keeping a boat's radio running, choosing the right deep cycle battery can be one of the most important decisions of all when it comes to outfitting a vehicle. Unlike the other common kind of lead-acid batteries today, those of this sort are meant to be drawn down deeply between charges. That makes them amply suited to a whole range of important duties popular with people who enjoy outdoor recreation and among professionals in many industries, too.

Meant to deliver a relatively small amount of power over a long time, a battery of this kind will also normally entail something of an investment. Although typically no more massive than similarly rated starter batteries, batteries meant for deep cycling use require some expensive materials and production techniques in order to hold up in the field. This means that it is common to spend several hundred dollars on a high quality battery of this type, so that buyers do well to ensure that an appropriate purchase is made from the start.

Full River's 120 amp-hour, 12-volt battery, for instance, is a popular choice with those outfitting recreational vehicles. Available at just about any Battery Supplier Brisbane locals might head to, the battery combines long overall service lifetime with good single-charge duration. While a single battery might not be enough to power an RV's entire complement of amenities, many owners find that building up a gang of them can be an economical and effective way of solving such problems.

Another popular option is the Amptech AGM. Rated the same as Fall River's most popular model, it is a shade less expensive in most cases. That does entail a bit of compromise in terms of single-charge longevity, but the manufacturer's warranty indicates a confidence in the battery's overall lifetime. For RV owners who expect to spend less time drawing down their batteries between charges, the Amptech AGM can therefore be a good way of saving a little money without sacrificing anything important.

In every case today, the batteries of this sort that buyers will find on the shelves will be of a sealed, maintenance-free design. While there were still some deep cycle products of the other kind available in recent years, manufacturers have since given up on this design entirely. Given the advantages and strengths of the modern sealed designs that are now universally available, few who rely on such batteries regret this development.